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Formed in place foam gaskets (FIPFG)

DAFA Siglo Sealing Solutions

DAFA Group is focused on defining, developing, producing and selling technologies for gluing, resining and sealing based on a perfect chemistry. Our goal is to ensure the maximum success of your products. DAFA Siglo Sealing Solutions means innovation and expertise in industrial processes that enable you to find effective customized solutions, in order to anticipate your customers' expectations.

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Bogusław Burmistrzak
Global Segment Manager White Goods
+48 604 268 768

The perfect chemistry

Your products are constantly changing and the market needs are evolving. For these reasons, we are not satisfied with the current solutions and are committed to look for solutions that are simpler, more convenient and more efficient by offering innovative products and technologies for gluing and sealing based and high quality raw materials. Innovation, efficiency, service and expertise. The perfect solution you are looking for.





Casting resins

Mixing and dosing


SigloX - Formed in place foam gaskets (FIPFG)

SigloX means watertightness.
SigloX is a two-component polyurethane foam provided in various options satisfying the sealing requirements of all components being in contact with external elements like water and dust.

SigloX means extending the life of your products


Unsurpassed durability and perfect fit
FIPFG is the abbreviation for 'Formed In Place Foam Gaskets' and describes the process whereby liquid PUR is precisely applied to a component and expands and adheres to form the desired gasket.

FIPFG PUR gaskets offer solutions characterized by advanced technological precision and high repetition accuracy. FIPFG PUR gaskets are durable and retain their shape, matched to the specific component – even those with complex dimensions.

FIPFG technology makes it possible to produce gaskets and make them adhere to a component without manually handling them. Gaskets are applied directly to components in a one-stop cycle and with CNC-controlled precision. The result is a top quality, uniform seal, an excellent finish and efficient production, making the method highly competitive.

See SigloX Formed In Place Foam Gaskets (FIPFG) here


SigloX FIPFG solutions are used in a variety of applications and fields, such as:

  • Lighting
  • Electronics
  • Electrical cabinets
  • Packaging
  • Filters
  • HVAC
  • Photovoltaic
  • White goods
  • Wind turbine industry
  • Automotive industry

Advantages of SigloX FIPFG solutions:

  • Different types of foam available
  • High IP protection level
  • UL 50 E* and UL 94*
  • ISO 846 (VDI 6022)*
  • Weather resistance
  • Repetition accuracy < 0.15 mm (ISO9283)
  • In-line pre-treatment and priming

The high level of precision allows us to perform complex tasks with strict requirements for tolerance, surface finish, quality and speed.
* Upon request

DAFA Siglo Sealing Solutions FIPFG PL.pdf
DAFA Siglo Sealing Solutions FIPFG EN.pdf


SigloCast Adhesives
DAFA provides a wide range of polyurethane adhesives developed for industrial applications where it is extremely important to ensure the process safety. A specific know-how is needed for gluing various materials such as powder-coated or painted metal sheets, stainless steel, galvanized or aluminated sheets, polyolefin plastic materials, PMMA, PC, glass and wood.

DAFA has the right solution to your product’s needs.

DAFA Siglo Sealing Solutions Compounds EN.pdf


SigloCast Casting resins
SigloCAST is a two component polyurethane casting resin that fits perfectly with your application.

SigloCAST can be used on static or dynamic mixing system and ensures proper mixing accuracy at room temperature. SigloCAST is ideal for ensuring the watertightness of your electronic components.

DAFA Siglo Sealing Solutions Compounds EN.pdf


Mixing and dosing systems
DAFA ensures that your mixing and dosing systems are running safely by providing the professional technical support and the competences of the first company introducing the FIPFG technology to the Italian market.

Our skilled technicians will be able to support you when you need to buy or replace your existing mixing and dosing system.


Contract gasketing, gluing and potting
DAFA provides its customers services related to our technology - gasketing, gluing, potting. All these operations will be done with our help quickly and efficiently. Gain incredible flexibility and high quality without investing in machinery. Take advantage of our knowledge and experience gained in realization of hundreds of projects.

DAFA Siglo Sealing Solutions Contract gasketing EN.pdf


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