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Privacy policy

DAFA Polska guarantees the security of personal data of users visiting the www.dafa-polska.pl website. The following information shall ensure the confidentiality of personal data and their proper use.

Data collection

You can use our service without disclosing your personal data. Disclosing personal data is not a prerequisite for using our website except where it may be necessary to deliver a product or service you requested. When the user uses our site, the servers store data required for numerous security purposes. This data may include the name of an internet service provider, website address which referred you to our website, website addresses to which you have been referred from our website and your IP address.

At intervals these data are used for statistical purposes. The anonymity of all users is maintained thus it is impossible to identify them. Whenever personal data is transmitted to third parties in order to provide you with products or services you have requested, as well as for other purposes for which you have provided an authorisation, technical and organizational means are used to assure conforming with applicable data security regulations.


Personal data is only collected when you provide it when registering, filling out forms, sending e-mails, in orders for products or services, inquiries about materials being ordered and similar situations in which you have chosen to communicate such information to the company. 

The database and its contents remain at our company and are stored in a data processing unit or the servers of companies acting on our behalf and responsible to us. User's personal data will not be passed by us or our representatives with the purpose of using them in any form to third parties, unless you have expressed your consent or if is required by law. 

DAFA Polska will retain control of and takes responsibility for the use of any personal information provided by you. Some of this data may be stored or processed in computers located in other jurisdictions such as the United States,  whose data protection laws may differ from the provisions of the law applicable to the user. In such cases, we will use appropriate measures to ensure that the data processing unit in such a country provides protection measures equivalent to those that apply in your country.

The intended use

The data collected will be used only to provide you with the requested products or performance of services requested by you, or for other purposes for which you have expressed your consent except where otherwise provided by law.

The right to access and amend data

You have the right to review and amend any personal data stored in our system if you believe that they may be out of date or incorrect. In such a case you should simply send an e-mail to the address given in the imprint or contact an employee responsible for data security at the address listed in the contact information.

The right of withdrawal

You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time in the future regarding the use of your personal data. In such a case you should simply send an e-mail to the address given in the imprint or contact an employee responsible for data security at the address listed in the contact information.

Data storage

Personal data is kept only for the time necessary for the service requested by the user, or the time for which you have expressed your consent, except where otherwise provided by law (e.g. in connection with pending legal proceedings).


Internet users who use our site remain anonymous until they decide that they want to login. The information contained in the system logs is used by Interchemall Sp. z o.o. for technical purposes related to our server administration. Interchemall Sp. z o.o.  reserves the right to use this information for the purposes related to the collection of statistical demographic information.

Cookies Policy

The Website  www.dafa-polska.pl  uses cookies. A "cookie" is a small text file sent by the service to the user's device, used for example to collect information about activity on the website.

In each browser you can change the settings for "cookies" which determine whether they are to be received or not, as well as the ways to remove them. Lack of such a change constitutes user's acceptance of the www.dafa-polska.pl "cookies"

The  www.dafa-polska.pl  service uses "cookies" to analyse site traffic, proper display of the service on a user's device and for maintenance needs to log into the customer area. These are the so-called session "cookies" (temporary files) holding account of each subsequent page, so there is no need to sign in again on each page.

Logging in

In order to gain access to all the services available on the site, it is necessary to log in with a password. Disabling cookies on your browser may cause difficulties in the use of our  services. Creating an account on www.interchemall.pl requires information about the user by filling in the form in which it is necessary to give contact information (name, address, telephone number) and demographic information (age, occupation).
The information contained in this form is used by DAFA Polska sp. z o.o. to contact service users and to continue adapting the information on the website to the needs and expectations of our users.


In order to receive information about our company it is necessary to provide us with the user's e-mail address. This address will be used by DAFA Polska sp. z o.o. solely for the purpose of sending the requested information. If you want to opt out of this service, you can unsubscribe at any time.


All copyrights and intellectual property rights related to the website and its graphical elements, such as photographs, drawings, graphics, text and other contents belong to DAFA Plska sp. z o.o. The service and all its components are protected by law on the basis of the following acts:

  • Act of 4 February 1994 on Copyright and Related Rights (consolidated text Journal of Laws 00.80.904 as amended)
  • Act of 16 April 1993 on Combating Unfair Competition (Journal of Laws 93.47.211 as amended) and
  • Act of 27 July 2001 on the Protection of Databases (Journal of Laws 01.128.1402).

Use of the service is permissible only to the extent specified and defined as a service user, and in addition after the acceptance of the rules gives you the possibility to use the logging zone and its resources. Using the service in any other manner requires a conclusion of  a written agreement with Interchemall Sp. z o.o.

Data protection and confidentiality

All data about users received by DAFA Polska sp. z o.o. through this service is stored and processed in a way that ensures its safety in accordance with the provisions of Polish law.

At the same time, please exercise caution when leaving our site so that no third party can use or alter your information. Please also exercise caution in making it available to third parties.

Changes in the rules of confidentiality

DAFA Polska sp. z o.o. reserves the right to make changes to this statement. Therefore, we ask users to check periodically the contents of this statement in order to familiarize themselves with any changes.

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