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Coming forward to meet your needs we offer different services of processing of foamed plastics:

  • Cutting

-thanks to advanced technology cut forms can have any shape and size maintaining high precision of realization,
-we can produce short, unique series of products.

  • Punching

-products manufactured in accordance to designs and specifications received from the client,
-formats without holes inside,
-formats manufactured by sharp edged cutting dies

  • Laminating

-multilayer laminating on one side
-multilayer laminating on two sides

  • Coating with glue 

-self-adhesive version (one and two side adhesive)
-coating with acrylic based adhesives – with good sticky properties, wide range of working temperatures and resistance to bad weather conditions,
-coating with rubber based adhesives – with good tack properties and good temperature resistance,

  • We operate on:

-materials provided by our clients
-our own raw materials

Our standard raw material are:

  • Foams

-PU (polyurethane - ester, ether)
-PU melamine
-PU filtration
-PU rebounded
-PE polyethylene - chemically and physically crosslinked as well as not crosslinked
-PVC (polyvinyl chloride)

  • cellular rubber
  • Poron
  • Silicon
  • Fabric and nonwoven fabric
  • Foil (PP, PE, PET, PVC, Al.)
  • silicone paper
  • ceramic fiber
  • and others - according to customer needs

Thanks to wide technological abilities we offer products in the form of:

  • blocks
  • plates
  • mats
  • rolls
  • formats
  • kiss cutting formats (on a common layer)
  • tapes
  • reels
  • expanding tapes PURS
  • gaskets for home use
  • products with butyl
  • transfers (based on acrylic and rubber) in form of:

-pure adhesive tapes
-adhesive tapes with net strengthening
-adhesive tapes on liners made from: blotting-paper, foil and others. 
-adhesive tapes with paper or foil separator


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