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Spatial fittings and forms

Spatial  fittings and forms – the best exposition and protection for your product!

DAFA Polska is one of the few companies in Poland which has the capacity to manufacture fittings and forms with milled slots. We are also able to engrave and perforate foams. Spatial  fittings and forms made from polyethylene foam, PVC, melamine and cellular rubber, ESD antistatic foams or fire retardant, cut on numerically steered plotters, which allows to produce complex, perfectly sized products. Products are available in two versions: self-adhesive and without adhesive.



        Foam inserts and fill in suitcases

We make various kinds of foam fillings and tool inserts designed directly to the needs of our customers, in it:

  • Presentation inserts – used as fill suitcases or packages type presenter to the best exposure the product. At the customer’s request you have the ability to sign foam insert with your company logo or brand.
  • Foam layered inserts – with a colored tag also called tables of shadows. Used to fulfill inventory and to be sure toolkit is complete with product. This type of insert is an easy way to inform you about missing parts in set.
  • Drawer forms – also called drawer inserts, made to order for specific customer for exact tool placement. Used in cabinet’s and toolboxes as desired. Using this kind of foam filler can make the  job easier and less time consuming and also helps keep the workplace tidy.
  • Inserts for storing and carrying instruments, devices and other elements requiring special care. Used as filler for suitcases, cointainers, boxes, etc. While having foam inserts your product is perfectly protected against any movement or damage.




        Foam packages and transport spacers

        We make various kinds of foam packaging and inserts to adapt to all of our customers needs:

  • Transport packages – to protect products during storage and transportation. Made with foams of different hardness, matched to the parameters of the product, type of package or customer’s requirements. We offer the opportunity to design inserts for transportation and made from scratch based on the customer’s project.
  • Serial elements a packaging system – also called a transport spacers. Made with different hardnesses of foam is matched to the parameters of the product to the type of package or customer requirements. Used to protect elements that need transportation in serial arrangement and or vertical position.


      Spatial  fittings and foam forms

     We are able to cut out any shape or form of foam with different hardnesses and flexibility,
     also able to be milled out, or with cut slots in it:

  • Spatial fittings with complicated shapes are made from different types of foam that have special antistatic properties. Used to protect electronic devices, measuring equipment, etc. Perfectly protecting every element against damage during transportation or storage.
  • Letters, spatial  shapes and decorative elements made from different kind of foams. Available in versions with a self-adhesive layer or without. Used in advertising, printing and decorating industries. We also have the ability of milling foams, engraving, and making of a foam logo and many other shapes requested by the customer.

At customer’s request:

  • We cut out precise and complicated shapes in foams of different thicknesses, hardness levels and flexibility
  • We make milling slots in foams, mill grooves, pockets and whole area to fit
  • We perforate the foam to provide slots or  to fill in any blank area
  • We engrave in foam letters, logos, patterns or other items depending on the customer’s needs


  • Aesthetic appearance of the product
  • The possibiility of milling or engraving in molder logo


  • Foam inserts are low cost and simple while providing protection against scratches or damage during trasportation or storage where applicable in finished products. To raise the prestige and better identification of all shapes and forms that can be branded by customer’s logo or product brand
  • Storage and transporting of customers goods, with protection from easy to damage items and with complicated shapes or products non resistant to schock and vibration
  • Transport protection of products requiring transportation in the appropriate areas to prevent items from movement
  • Presentation inserts – used to fill suitcases or packages providing a pleasent view of goods to be presented
  • Foam layered inserts – with colored tags, also called tables of shadows. Used to satisfy complete toolkits or easily identify missing product
  • Drawer insserts – also called drawer forms. Used in cabinet’s and toolbox fulfillments
  • Inserts for storing, carrying instruments and devices.  Used as filler for toolboxes, cointainers, packages, etc.
  • Letters, spatial  shapes and decorative elements  used in the advertising, printing and decorating industry


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